“Buying a dream home is an exciting step. As real estate agent, I prevent you from taking unnecessary risks.”


Find your perfect home.

Finding your new house is my highest priority.

Buying a home is a huge step, especially in today’s housing market. There is a lot that goes into finding your dream home. As a real estate agent, I can relieve you of all the struggle that comes with it. Chances are that there are many people bidding on the same homes you’re bidding on. Which only decreases your chances of success. But with my guidance you will be able to act quickly and jump the front of the line. This way you will not be faced with surprises and you will no longer miss out. I provide the right support during the entire process.

I know the Dutch housing market all too well. Since 2003 I have been following the developments within the region, which enables me to act accurately when new opportunities arise. Although there is much more to consider when buying a home. I provide a detailed report by observing the maintenance of your potential home and by mapping out any shortcomings. In addition, as a real estate agent, I take the extra step by investigating procedures, the status and obligations of the owner’s association and other relevant matters.

What can I as real estate agent do for you?

I take care of the following things;

Finding your dream home starts with mapping out your wishes and needs. This way I can focus on what you’re

hoping to find and satisfy your needs. Where do you want to live? What type of home do you prefer? In which part of the city or neighborhood do you feel happiest? Those are the things we will discuss throughout our collaboration.

Then the real challenge begins for me; finding the home that suits you best. As a buyer’s agent I have a very good oversight of the homes that are going up for sale, so that I can act quickly if the opportunity arises. As soon as we have found your favorite house, I will make an offer and I will take care of the negotiations with the selling party.

Curious about the possibilities? I offer several packages with different services. This way you are sure of what to expect and you will find exactly what suits you.

Let’s find the home that you deserve.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities or would you like to be advised about the services I can offer you? Please contact me at the number above or by clicking the button below.

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